Avant Garde Acoustic

Beautify Your Home with Audio

Your listening space can harmonize with the rest of your home’s ambience and be an inviting activity to share with friends and family. A great way of softening the sound of a music in smaller rooms is to use soft furnishings. Sofas, chairs, scatter cushions and drapes will all act as great acoustic softeners. What […]

Don’t miss our Grand Opening

We are happy to announce our Grand Opening November  30th. Visit us with live music and celebration. Experience a new fresh approach to Hi End audio systems already designed to satisfy both sight and sound. A system that is simple for everyone in the family to enjoy. Simple and easy to find your favourite music […]

Your home or office solution

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have made our lives easier enabling us to spend more time on the things we love including listening to our favourite music. We provide lifestyle audio solutions that combine hi-end audio technology with smart-tech features for a seamless and personalized listening experience. With unrivaled sound quality, simple wireless setup and complete app […]

Creating amazing systems that look good too!

Searching for the finest products from around the world? but know that the hardest task is to combine products that work well together. The collected pieces need to bring out what sound is appealing to you. So, we have worked on what we know from our experience and sharing what we have learned from each […]